Dimensional Time Travel
Author Ronnie Coleinger
Ronnie Coleinger Publishing
Author Ronnie Coleinger
Ronnie Coleinger Publishing
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Dimensions in Time

Time Travel - Faster than Light

The Original Concept: Condensate Modulator

To accomplish travel from hover speed to light speed incorporates the use of a special condensate, which is simply a lump of atoms cooled to almost absolute zero. A beam of light shines thru the condensate, and by modulating the beam to the correct wavelengths, the speed of light can be controlled and even stopped. When the correct wavelengths are input, you can change the speed of light from full stop to many times the speed of light. The travel computer can change this modulation and therefore control the travel speed of the eleventh-dimension travel membrane. To accomplish speeds above light speed, each temporal dimension’s energy wavelength is vectorially added and modulates the laser light’s amplitude.

The New Method: String Locomotion

As the IFTT (International Federation of Time Travel) engineers continued to finalize the issues with the new time travel computers, it was determined that travel watches were still required. The engineers understood that even though the designers of the new time travel computers no longer required the travel watches, time travelers still needed to wear their travel watches when venturing off their travel membranes. If an entity moved outside the range of mental telepathy, they would be unable to communicate with the IFTT or the travel membrane.

This new generation of travel computers no longer uses the condensate modulator technology to produce flight; the new method uses a technology called, String Locomotion. It produces locomotion or time travel by adjusting the length of strings of energy instead of modulating a beam of light as the old condensate modulators did.

By allowing the travel computer to adjust the length of the strings of energy, which creates the outer membrane of the time travel vessel, one can create an opposite polarization in the vessel walls from that of the matter that the vessel occupies.
It was discovered by the Ganme engineers (the entity that first discovered this new time travel concept) that by adjusting the lengths of the strings of energy, the matter surrounding each string can be modified. By reducing the dark matter force, which holds the travel membrane stationary, and increasing the repulsing light matter, we can gradually reduce the binding force between the travel membrane and the space/time fabric surrounding it. This reduction in the binging force allows a time travel membrane to achieve speeds many thousands of times faster than Earth Physicists once thought possible.

The new technology boils down to this. You can use mind control while aboard a travel membrane or in its proximity, and you can store thousands of flight plans in the new travel computer instead of having to wait while the IFTT uploads a new flight plan to you every time you time travel. To top it off, you no longer have to worry about condensate modulator failures, or teleportation failures, which all time travelers have suffered with at some time in their time travel careers.

There is another very important option available with the new travel computer. You now have the ability to download a backup of your travel computers important records to the IFTT main server, just in case of a system failure. With the backup, the IFTT can provide the skipper of a vessel with a replacement travel computer with all the current data and customer information, literally within minutes. As I said, it is an option, but a very good one for many business ventures.  

Ronnie Coleinger

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